Air separation equipment

In terms of our experts set you competently perform the full range of commissioning the installation, repair, reconstruction and operation of air separation equipment. And will carry out repairs and technical guidance as required.

At the design stage, we are ready to provide you with services in reconstruction of units of air separation units and auxiliary equipment, as well as development projects:

  • storage and cryogenic products of gasification and carbon dioxide;
  • cylinder filling station air and carbon dioxide;
  • equipment to produce and supply customers liquid and gaseous air separation products;
  • air compressor station;
  • compressor station.

The area of our competence is also service the cryogenic and auxiliary equipment - air separation units (ASUs) for nitrogen, oxygen, and inert gases; as well as stationary and mobile systems for the storage of cryogenic liquids and gasification.

In addition, our employees also serve:

  • filling station bottles of air separation products;
  • drying units and air purification;
  • cooling and air treatment;
  • perlite storage and transportation system (isolation ASE);
  • conduits for conveying compressed air, oxygen and inert gases.

At the end of a full range of services we produce for you the instructions, regulations, assembly and technological schemes and passport lines.

If you have a need at the end of design life to spend quality inspection technology of air separation plants to determine the residual life - the engineers of our company are ready to quickly and efficiently carry out complex work required. By the way, the technological work is done in conjunction with diagnostic equipment metal.