Project Management Office

In 2011, the company set up Project Management Office

Project Management Office - a division which performs a variety of functions related to the centralization, coordination and standardization of project management.

The purpose of the Project Management Office - effective project

  • Implementation, support and improvement of a unified standard and management methodologies, creating patterns of typical project solutions, project reporting, control over their execution.
  • Implementation of the initiation of procedures, planning, execution, monitoring, control and completion of the projects.
  • Allocation of scarce resources between projects, settlement of disputes.
  • The introduction of a unified system of informing interested parties about the progress of work on projects.
  • Creating an archive database projects.
  • Creation, maintenance and coordination of projects;
  • Monitoring and reporting on the project;
  • Adoption, approval and dissemination of guidelines on project management;
  • Standardize the approaches to the implementation of projects;
  • Standardization of reporting on projects;
  • Maintenance schedules in MS Project program.
  • Maintaining a database of indicators on the effectiveness of projects for evaluation and planning;
  • Project planning;
  • Examination of problematic project management;
  • Training of qualified project managers;
  • Monitoring and coordination of cross-functional, cross-project bonds;
  • Evaluation of the implementation of project management standard