When implementing projects JSC "E&TE "UKRENERGOCHERMET®" (UEChM) performs subcontractors processes both separately and in various combinations, for example, EPC, EPСPM, EPM, etc.

Engineering - activities to provide paid services for the establishment and operation of facilities.

Engineering project - an isolated complex of works on creation of the object (see pic. 2.0.1.).

Models shared responsibility of participants of construction projects - typical variants of areas of responsibility in the projects (for the customer, contractor, engineer).

Typical services engineering companies - consulting, design, equipment, construction, project management.

Business processes engineering companies - Process Organization presentation of work performed by companies.

– E (engineering);

– P (procurement);

– C (construction);

– PM (project management).

EPC contract is typically used in projects where a general contractor can reliably estimate the amount of your expenses, as well as the degree of risk. EPC contract implies that the bulk of the work of EPC-contractor performs on its own, why not provide a special award for the organization and management of the work involved subcontractors.

Standard list of works performed by UEChM in course of preparation and implementation of the project:

Development of the Project concept

  • determination of project composition;
  • project initial data;
  • project statement.

Feasibility Study

  • general technical solutions for the project;
  • preparation of preliminary estimate;
  • determination of main requirements on equipment, materials, systems, quality, security, etc.;
  • development of general procedures related to the project (design engineering, supply, construction, numeration of documents and paper work, etc.;
  • general commercial evaluation of the project.

Execution stage "Project"

  • Conducting a detailed survey of the object;
  • The main technological calculations for the project;
  • the development of common technological schemes;
  • selection of technological equipment.

Execution stage "Working documentation"

  • development of specifications for equipment;
  • the development of working drawings.

Detailed engineering

  • development of project documentation;
  • development of specifications for equipment;
  • development of main procedures on types of works;
  • detailed calculations on systems;
  • integration and interaction of all applicable systems;
  • detailed technological calculations;
  • preparation of reports on works process;
  • preparation and carrying out of inspections and acceptance of equipment.

Field engineering

  • field supervision;
  • quality control;
  • management of issues related to labour protection and ecology.

Postproject checking calculations

  • examination of the object after completion of major works;
  • introduction of changes in existing documentation;
  • preparation of reports, accounts and other special documents;
  • reconstruction and modernization.