Manufacturing and delivery

UECHM performs full range of works on the boiler design, heat transfer equipment and water treatment plants to the final stage of the launch made on their own projects equipment.

The list of equipment manufactured by us includes the manufacture of spare parts for turbines, compressors, blowers as the drawings of the manufacturer, and according to their own drawings JSC E&TE «UKRENERGOCHERMET» or existing at the customer.
In addition, our organization makes a series of non-standard equipment:
  • water-water and steam-water heat exchangers;
  • decarbonators various capacities;
  • cylindrical tanks with flat and conical bottom volume from 1m3 to 1000m3;
  • clarifiers for coagulation and liming;
  • two-point coolers of samples;
  • steel water economizers;
  • reheaters;
  • chimneys for boilers;
  • energy boilers of low and medium power, as well as special boilers;
Auxiliary power equipment:
  • integrated steam lines and pipelines of all sizes and parameters;
  • all types of heat exchangers, dimensions, and appointments;
  • intermediate and end coolers centrifugal compressors of medium and high power;
  • Steep-curved bends;
  • surface heating boilers of all types;
The company supplies:
  • spare parts for turbine and compressor units (condensers, seals, blades, heat exchangers, rotors with wheels welded construction, diaphragms, Diffusers blade);
  • non-standard pollution control and water purification equipment;
  • magnetic particle flaw;