Examination and inspection

We are ready and efficiently carry out expert examination (technical diagnostics, initial, periodic and extraordinary technical inspections (technical inspection) the following equipment:
  • steam and hot water boilers, waste heat boilers, boilers power technology;
  • steam and hot water;
  • vessels, working under pressure;
  • of steam turbines;
  • tanks, equipment and piping of the main production of chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas industry;
  • air separation units, including functional diagnostics;
  • compressors;
  • blowers;
  • evaporative cooling systems and other equipment operating under pressure.
Also, the company's specialists perform:
  • energy audit equipment consuming energy (fuel, electricity, compressed air, oxygen, hot water, technical and chemically purified water, etc.) in industrial enterprises;
  • promprovodok Survey (gas pipelines, water pipelines, cutting ditches, pipelines, steam and hot water) to reduce the volume of repair work and financial costs of industrial enterprises;
  • expertise in the development of energy resources in the reconstruction and himvodoochistok himochistke pipes of power of the heating surfaces.
For the expert works UECHM features:
  • resolution Gostruda Ukraine to host:
a) expert examination (technical diagnostics);
b) non-destructive testing of the following methods:
  • visual and optical (VT);
  • ultrasonic (UT);
  • eddy current (ET);
  • radiographic (RT);
  • magnetic particle (MT);
  • capillary (PT);
  • using replicas.
c) destructive testing using the following methods:
  • mechanical tests;
  • metallographic examinations;
  • hardness measurement;
  • stiloskopirovanie;
  • chemical analysis;
d) primary, periodical and extraordinary technical inspection of the following equipment:
  • steam and hot water boilers;
  • pressure vessels;
  • steam and hot water;
  • the main production equipment of chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas industry;
  • experimental basis, to enable a wide range of metal research, microstructure by optical microscopy, chemical and phase composition, fracture toughness of steels, low-cycle fatigue at elevated temperatures;
  • the necessary regulatory, organizational and methodical documentation;
  • highly qualified staff, including 12 technical experts, 8 specialists Level III nondestructive testing methods, 43 specialist NDT Level II inspection techniques.