Power turbines

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"UKRENERGOCHERMET®" (UECHM) will help you complete the design, installation, commissioning, start up, thermal and gas-dynamic tests of steam, gas and utilizing turbines, compressors, blowers, compressors gas, as well as auxiliary equipment of turbine thermal power plants CHP-PVA technology and industrial plants enterprises.

Thermal and gas-dynamic testing include:

  • thermal tests of steam turbine - generator drives and compressors, the actual development of the energy characteristics of the turbine and a condenser with a complex correction dependency on variations in operating parameters from the construction characteristics of conditions, technical analysis of the state and economy of operation;
  • gas-dynamic testing compressors and steam turbine power, the development of the energy characteristics of the compressor sections of the suction tract and intercooler, the definition of the surge limit, the calculation of the gas-dynamic characteristics of the compressor at different ambient air temperature and the cooling water, the technical analysis of the state and the economy work;
  • drawing up operating instructions for steam turbines, compressors and auxiliary equipment, the development of the fundamental thermal schemes units, groups of equipment and power facility as a whole;
  • development of feasibility studies (technical proposals) for the selection and installation of a new thermal power equipment, reconstruction and modernization of existing facilities.

and the creation of a regulatory framework for operational accounting and valuation of production activity of TPP, GTS industrial and heating boiler:

  • development of methods and software for calculating energy balances performance and technical and economic indicators of the main and auxiliary equipment;
  • development of regulatory power characteristics of boilers, turbines, compressors, layout calculation of regulatory TIC of equipment and fuel consumption rates, heat and electricity on vacation all kinds of energy;
  • a comparative analysis of regulatory and operational TIC of equipment, establishment of excessive fuel consumption causes heat and electricity on vacation all kinds of energy.

Our service also includes modernization and experimental studies of:

  • turbine installations;
  • electrical and turbochargers;
  • electric turbo-compressors for air and gas;
  • pumps and auxiliary thermal power equipment;
  • turbine power plants and technological plants of industrial enterprises.

At your request, our engineers will perform a series of experimental works, among which:

  • thermal test turbine;
  • mode test turbines at start; thermal and hydraulic test capacitors;
  • test support bearings and determination of axial forces in turbines and turbochargers;
  • gas-dynamic tests of electric and turbochargers, as well as electricity and gas turbochargers and air;
  • testing of automatic control systems, air filters, pumps;
  • strain strength voltage test units of turbo-generators, including the dynamic testing of turbomachinery impellers and blades.

UECHM annually spends more than 500 expert surveys and about 300 technical examination of boiler inspection facilities, as well as explosive, chemical, petrochemical and gazoneftepererabatyvayuschih productions, including CHP metallurgy enterprises.

In addition, our company is and scientific work, during which eight of regulations approved by Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, regarding the expert examination, inspection and operation of the boiler inspection and air separation units have been developed.