Quality management

Since 2008, the company has established and maintains a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and to date demonstrates the system's ability to achieve the requirements for products and services related to the field of certification, policy and enterprise objectives, as evidenced by the results of recertification and supervisory audit professionals Bureau Veritas Certification Ukraine. The scope of certification of the enterprise - design, engineering, fabrication, installation, modification and commissioning, testing and commissioning of thermal power equipment, facilities and systems, industrial plants, trade ferrous and nonferrous metals in primary forms and semi-finished products from them.

Every year, top management reviews its quality management system, which sets the objectives to improve the quality of products and services, meeting the needs of material and human resources, improve the management system. These objectives are reflected in the company strategy and objectives in the field of quality, the implementation of which is aimed at mutually beneficial cooperation among all interested parties - the customer, its employees, shareholders, representatives of supervisory and regulatory organizations.

  • to the maximum satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of our customers within the legislative framework;
  • to ensure the safety of objects up to date in the framework of compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation and regulations;
  • to continuous improvement of production technology design and project management in order to reduce costs, reduce design time and increase competitiveness;
  • to expand the range of services and the gradual transition to the maintenance and support of the designed objects at all stages of their life cycle;
  • to conservation, efficient use and further enrich the experience and knowledge accumulated over the eight decades;
  • rational use and development of staff, make up the bulk potential of the enterprise;
  • to continuously strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners (subcontractors).