Metallurgical Heat Engineering

In the workshop of metallurgical heat engineering, which has all the necessary licenses for the provision of services, carried out experimentally-up work on toplivoispolzuyuschem equipment factory ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy.

The list of experimental commissioning consists of monitoring and analysis of thermal performance of furnaces and other units, as well as making recommendations to reduce specific fuel consumption and improve the quality of the heating and heat treatment of steel products. This control function provides an initial thermal characteristics and data for the development, adjustment and implementation of rational modes of heat units.

The next stage of experimental-commissioning is to determine rational values and limits of regulation of thermal operating parameters for the adjustment of automatic control systems, control, protection and alarm systems. Ends work package preparation and issue of regime cards of thermal units, taking into account the requirements of the organization of the State and departmental oversight.

In addition, we are engaged in the commissioning of the equipment used in other industries, where the fuel is used natural gas, blast furnace gas or other fuels.

After establishing optimum environmental and economic modes of toplivoispolzuyuschem on your equipment, it will work optimally, providing the lowest-possible specific fuel consumption at the lowest possible emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. And according to statistics, the implementation of efficient thermal heating and heat treatment regimes, and the development of the proposed energy-saving technology reduces the specific fuel consumption by 15-20%.

Modern equipment, devices and equipment, which is equipped with shop, allow you to perform commissioning and heat engineering tests of open-hearth, heating of thermal furnaces and kilns to produce sinter and pellets and rotary kilns for the production of cement and lime.

The list also includes air heaters of blast furnaces and plants for drying and heating of steel teeming ladles and pig iron. In order to rationalize and legitimize the existing device management staff also make technical passports gas equipment, pipelines and EMG shop.