Water treatment plant

To expensive equipment to serve you faithfully for many years, it is required for the proper care!

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At your request, employees JSC "E&ET" UKRENERGOCHERMET® "(UECHM) develop and carry out a full range of services in reconstruction, modernization of water treatment plants, carry out work on the prevention of corrosion of metal heat-power equipment, as well as work to prevent sludge formation, scale and deposits steam-power equipment tract.

  • commissioning of water chemistry conditions chemical water treatment;
  • commissioning of water chemistry conditions of boilers;
  • thermochemical tests of boilers;
  • adjustment correction water treatment plants;
  • pre-commissioning and operational chemical wash boilers, etc. thermal power equipment;
  • adjustment of operating modes deaerators;
  • conservation organization of thermal power equipment;
  • adjustment of the hydraulic and thermal regime of clean and "dirty" reverse cycle;
  • commissioning of water chemistry conditions of clean and "dirty" reverse cycle;
  • organization of chemical control over the work of chemical cleaning, boilers and other heat and power equipment.;
  • organization of water, chemical laboratories;
  • technical assistance in the operation of the chemical statment, correction water treatment plants;a
  • state inspection of water treatment equipment, water modes of power with recommendations to improve the operation of the equipment;
  • supply and drainage systems Clarification sodium cation unit (all sizes) made of stainless steel;
  • production correction water treatment plants.

The reconstruction and commissioning of chemical water treatment at steel plants will significantly reduce ownership costs for chemicals, as a result, significantly reduce the need for acid-reducing corrosion of reinforcement and heat power equipment.

If you have to re-enter into service the equipment or run it after the reconstruction, our experts will provide you with a full range of high quality services for start-up and commissioning of the following installations:

  • water treatment;
  • degassing of feed water;
  • sulfite, phosphate, hydrazine and an acidulant;
  • for the chemical treatment of water circulating cooling.