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ProektirovaniePJSC "PTP" UKRENERGOCHERMET® "develops complex projects newly built power plants and facilities, as well as projects carried out reconstruction of power units in order to increase of technical and economic indicators.

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* Виконання комплексних проектів по нормам тієї країни, на території якої виконується будівництво об'єкта.

Complex projects consist of the following sections:

  • thermal mechanical,
  • building,
  • plumbing,
  • electrotechnical,
  • Instrumentation, and automation systems.
The project addresses the following questions:
  • the use of domestic energy resources of the plant;
  • efficiency boilers and steam production;
  • reconstruction of boiler and the boiler itself;
  • the introduction of automation and mechanization of production processes;
  • transfer boilers to other fuels.
We have experience in the following projects:
  • blower stations metallurgical plants;
  • installation of boiler and blower units in existing vozduhoduvochnyh stations;
  • industrial boilers;
  • installation of boilers in existing boiler houses;
  • boilers with boilers;
  • Reconstruction of a boiler; plant waste heat boilers;
  • CHP on the basis of the use of waste heat production units;
  • boiler installations coke dry quenching (KSTK);
  • water treatment plants, equipment for the treatment of condensate and others.
Currently UECHM can perform complex installation project or a project of heat and power unit of any complexity for its further manufacturing and installation.

  • design estimates and technical documentation for the construction of new ones; expansion and modernization of existing thermal power; blower and compressor stations; heating and industrial boilers.
  • Recycling thermal power plants, energy technology and disposal plants.
  • gas utilization plants. Booster stations combustible process gases (blast furnace, coke, ferroalloy).
  • water treatment plants for thermal power plants, technological units, circulating cooling systems, process plants plants.
  • condensate treatment in thermal power stations and the schemes of technological devices, installation of corrective treatment of water and condensate.
  • oxygen and hydrogen compressor stations, receipt and use of air separation products.
  • cooling blast furnaces and air heaters valves.
  • development of the regulatory framework CHP, CHP-PVA, industrial and heating boilers and process furnaces:
    • methodology and program of operational energy accounting, energy balances and calculation of technical and economic performance of the equipment;
  • the valuation and analysis of a power production activities, development of regulatory power characteristics of equipment standards and cost of energy resources on vacation all kinds of energy.
  • designing water treatment with various water treatment scheme:
  • coagulation and clarification of water in clarifiers;
  • liming and coagulation with the clarified water in clarifiers;
  • mechanical filtration;
  • two-stage Na-cation exchange;
  • H-cation exchange;
  • H-cation exchange with "starvation" regeneration;
  • chemical desalting water ion exchangers;
  • reverse osmosis treatment;
  • ultrafiltration;
  • correctional water treatment reagents.
  • technical and economic performance of the process furnaces, boilers, turbines, compressors, blowers and other equipment;
  • specific rules on the energy costs of production;
  • residual resource of high-risk equipment;
  • conditions and terms of further operation of equipment with operating time exceeds a target.

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